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Inserm pro is aimed at Inserm staff and the health research community. Written almost exclusively in French, Inserm pro is not a bilingual site. However, some content is also presented in English. Here is the complete list of these contents.

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Becoming a Researcher CRCN

Inserm is recruiting Researchers CRCN, first grade of the public servant researcher status. These competitions generally start in December.

Becoming Director of Research

Junior and senior permanent researchers can become research directors (DR). There are 3 levels of DR : 2nd class, 1st class and outstanding class. DR2 competitions generally start in January.

Contracts for disabled researchers

Inserm recruits disabled researchers on a contract basis. Candidates join the Institute on a one-year contract, renewable once. At the end of the contract, successful candidates are eligible for tenure.

Inserm Chairs (CPJ)

The Institute recruits researchers for research and teaching projects. Inserm offers fixed-term public law contracts (CDD) of 3 to 6 years. At the end of these contracts, the successful candidates will be eligible to join the Inserm research director corps.


Do you want to start your own research group and lead high-level, ambitious, and innovative projects ? Inserm and CNRS support you for five years.

HR Excellence in Research

Inserm follows the recommendations of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers as part of the European Commission’s Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R). The Institute has held the HR Excellence in Research label since 2016.

Calls for proposals

Chair in Paediatric Oncology Research

Inserm aim to attract researchers from all nationalities to establish new research teams in France focused on paediatric cancers.

Inserm’s International Calls

International Research Projects (IRPs)

IRPs provide funding of € 60,000 to € 75,000 to consolidate partnerships between an Inserm team in France and one or more foreign teams over a 5‑year period.

First Step

Tremplin International projects provide €10,000 in funding to initiate new collaborations between a young Inserm researcher and a foreign team, as part of a joint research project lasting one year.

Booster programmes

NeuroTechnologies 2023

Inserm promotes complementary approaches to prospective research into brain imaging and neuromodulation, with an emphasis on the portability of these neurotechnologies.

Surgical and Interventional procedures of the future

This program promotes research and care in the operating room and in rooms dedicated to interventional procedures ; minimally invasive medicine ; and the evaluation of the efficiency and quality of interventions.

Climate change and health

Inserm promotes research aimed at characterizing the effects of climate change on health and its underlying mechanisms. It also supports research into the identification of adaptation and mitigation strategies that maximize health co-benefits, as well as work on the opportunities and disincentives for adopting measures to combat climate change.