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Becoming a Researcher CRCN

Inserm is recruiting Researchers CRCN, first grade of the public servant researcher status. These competitions generally start in December.

A+ / A-

Similar to director of research, researchers CRCN are recruited through competitions based on qualifications and scientific work. The positions are allocated according to groups of scientific disciplines that correspond to the specialized scientific commissions of Inserm (CSS in french).

Required qualifications for application 

PhD / DPhil, MD, or equivalent.

Job profile


Develop scientific projects to produce, exploit and disseminate knowledge within the framework of Inserm’s missions and values, which are based on responsible conduct of research and ethical and regulatory requirements.

Main activities

  • Define appropriate research methods
  • Develop and execute research projects autonomously
  • Analyze, interpret and validate experimental results with the required quality
  • Disseminate and promote its results in the form of publications, communications at National and international conferences, and/or patents
  • Supervise scientifically young researchers, technicians, students
  • Ensure scientific and technological watch in specific field

Associated activities

  • Participate in fundraising and management of program funding
  • Develop, participate and/or coordinate research collaborations at the national and international level
  • Participate in the management of research
  • Participate in the evaluation of scientific activities (manuscripts, recruitment, committees)
  • Participate in the organization of conferences, symposiums, etc
  • Disseminate scientific knowledge to the general public
  • Participate in national or international assessment on specific fields or technologies
  • Participate in specific bodies, working groups or scientific missions of the institute

Expected qualities

  • Scientific expertise recognized in a discipline at national and international level
  • Knowledge of the research environment at national and international level
  • Knowledge of the regulatory, ethical and deontological aspects of research


  • Conduct an original research project
  • Communicate and disseminate scientific information (original articles, seminars,
  • international congresses)
  • Mobilize, federate, lead the management of a project
  • Define and obtain funding


First post-doctoral experience desired.

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